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Colouring clays workshop

Online Zoom Group Class - duration 2 hours

Monday 10th October 2022. 18:00 - 20:00 (BST)

Level: Intermediate

(Maximum Capacity 10 students)



An intensive group class that will delve into colouring clay with insights into Alice’s tonal blending technique. You will make 5 different shades from 1 base colour and one blend of 6 colours which shifts from 1 tone to another. At the end of the class you will have 11 different coloured test tiles and the ability to make a countless spectrum of colours.

Alice will also cover the reclaiming colouring clay technique and will talk about the difference between stains and oxides. Alice will discuss test tiles and the importance of shape, size and form. Further, she will discuss how and where she finds colour inspiration and how to use this in your surroundings.



You will receive:

A two hour zoom make-along step by step session.

Computer camera and SLR detailed viewing during making.

An emailed PDF inspiration to match your colouring clays lesson.

An emailed PDF recommended percentages sheet for future tests.

Two emailed step by step guides of what we cover.

Alice is happy to answer questions prior and during the session.



Clay and stains.

Organising the firing of work.



Clay - 600g of white clay in its plastic state (White stoneware, white earthenware or porcelain)

Colourant - 20g of each coloured stain or oxide of your choice x 3 colours



Access to Zoom.

Desk or table to work on.

Sensitive scales weighing at least to 1g, better if they weigh to 0.1g of acuracy if possible.

Water pot.

Paint brush.

Pottery knife or scalpel.

Rolling pin.

Rolling cloth or small wooden board.

11 x Lidded small containers, yoghurt pots or cling film/saran wrap  (approximately 50ml capacity)

A mixing tool such as a spoon or wooden modelling tool.

Labels or masking tape.

Thin marker pen or sharpie.

Optional - Cookie cutters or small press mould for test tile making.

Optional - latex or nitrile gloves.

Note taking material - pen and paper.

Hand washing water bowl or sink and towel.


Cancellations must be made in writing. Refunds are available dependant on amount of notice given prior to the date of the class taken, as below:

21 days or over - Full refund minus £5 admin fee.

21 days - 8 days - 50% cancellation fee.

7 days or under - Non refundable.


In the unlikely event your scheduled class is cancelled then you will be offered a full refund or the option to take another class.

Colouring Clays Workshop. Monday 10th October 2022

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